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Devoted Family-Man & Serial Entreprenuer

I am a dad of two girls and married to my best friend. I am a minimalist

who loves the finer things. 

I live a very harmonic and regimented life. My daughters come first ALWAYS, no matter what. I have founded six companies and have sold

three. My last one for seven figures. I am passionate about learning to better myself to help others. I am good at building eCommerce

companies and launching products; but it doesn’t fulfill me, it just comes easy. I love to travel. I was born in Hong Kong and I enjoy adventure sports with my wife. I am one of the only fathers in my daughter’s PTA group.

We moved our family to Miami, Florida for my daughters' education. I plan business meetings and calls around being a father first. I want to teach the world how to do what I do! I love to shop and get a good haircut. I am emotional and own my metro-sexuality. I get things done. I am always my word. I move forward and implement quickly. I love to run. I don’t read books but listen to them. I like White Russians. I give good hugs. I always want my girls to feel unconditionally loved and know they can do anything they put their minds to. I can have fun anywhere. Having financial freedom is a great thing but having a balanced quality of life is priceless. I work an average of 20 to 25 hours a week. To me, life isn’t hard and things could be simple. The secret is to know your values and identity, align your time with these, and you can have it all!

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