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I Partner With Million Dollar Brands To Help Them Grow, Scale, and Exit Their Business




Joe Lau is a successful entrepreneur and investor.

He is a dedicated professional offering guidance and strategies to business owners, assisting them in maximizing the value of their businesses and facilitating a seamless transition to the next generation or new ownership. With a focus on various aspects of the exit process, Joe provides insights into financial planning, legal considerations, succession strategies, and the preservation of a company's ethos.


As an experienced investor and exit specialist, Joe's mission is to inspire and empower business owners to systematically grow, scale, and detach themselves from the org chart. He has personally worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, helping them unleash their potential, work smarter, achieve well-rounded lifestyles, and gain financial stability.


Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Joe has founded six companies and sold three, yielding multiple seven-figure outcomes. While he is an expert at building successful businesses, his true passion lies in meaningful connections and supporting others in their pursuit of success. Joe's life experiences have fueled a purpose-driven success, overcoming challenges of disappointment, abandonment, and setbacks with forgiveness and mindfulness.


Joe's harmonious approach embraces a healthy and well-lived life, characterized by gratitude, appreciation, and an unwavering drive to excel in fitness, family, and finances. His relentless pursuit of the best life has to offer defines his uniqueness and resonates with all who know him.


Currently residing in Miami, Florida, Joe cherishes the bond with his best friend and wife of over 20 years, Leslie, and their two adorable little girls.

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